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The Most Important Book
for Canadian Start-ups and
Small Business Owners!!!

  • Your one-stop introductory guide to "Bookkeeping & Beyond"

  • Learn how to use, and access, the power and magic hidden in your financial statements

  • Learn how to maximize tax deductible business expenses and increase profit

  • Learn the steps to go from "data entry" to "Understanding Financial Statements"

  • Learn the basics around Payroll, GST/HST, PST, sales tax in the US, and more

  • Create a process to get your bookkeeping done on-time, every time

"I used to recommend any people who are starting a business to read at least one book on small business advice. I found that if they weren't willing to read a hundred page book with simple business advice maybe they aren't ready for running their own business (not many people followed this advice). Your book being about 100 pages long is exactly the kind of book I would recommend to a new client now, and will send them to your website"
- Geoff, retired accountant.


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